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While sitting on the bench boardwalk trade indignant at the misery that plagues Haiti wide open to the world after the fateful earthquake. It took me a while to clear it because it was blank so my memory bank as the images and sounds dull for my outrage.
It was clear that the brothers have not had chance to be born into families, communities, cities and countries - not necessarily in that order - Poor and no chance opportunities being exploited and used as cannon fodder comunemente and scapegoating are the biggest losers are the first to suffer all kinds of vissitude, precisely because they are excluded and treated as such, Good for photo and film, but quickly forgotten soon after the passage of view at some salon art or newspaper page, or on the TV news report . The hunger, filth, misery you are charged as if they were guilty of being born so well and have at least passes in the minds accommodated in seats delicious bodies accommodated in the home, office or car, or jet or Sailboat, or whatever the hell one more nourished and fat ass can imagine settling for excuses to take the wretched troubling their consciences. But I expect it to be so religiously, "God knows what he does" or spiritually thus: "made in past lives where they are now so" or similar things with lint apologize for pushing more than half the planet's population to misery excluded another life, another nation.
My soul was ecstatic angry with God, and I religiously tried a place to "talk to God"
Ali is very near the Cathedral of Our Lady of Joy, a place traditionally respected by my family formed conscience, I went back and to my astonishment the Cathedral was closed, I mean much more than that, they had erected a tall metal fence a gate on each side of the staircase at the bottom and with a tremendous lock intimidating. Then a passerby told me, only opens on Sundays bro. And I "is because, God only meets Sundays mano"
In the square in front of the Cathedral I settled in another bank, unhappy with my personal situation and the situation of brothers like me and far worse situation in the Brazilian hinterlands, in the slums of cities of any size, in misery without pain relief in public hospitals in pain unsolved view of hunger and thirst, disease and misery of all peoples of the world who do not belong to category A, B, C, AND KNOW THAT THERE MORE.
If we have no right to this world, then my God answer me what are we doing here?
At the bank a carton of some household appliance served as a cabinet for overripe fruit, leftover sandwiches and other unidentifiable things, its owner was a homeless dozing beside me and woke up with my whining, looked at me amazed and said, " learned the Ladies ta dress, eat, clean and has a place to live and sleep, I have none of it and never questioned God. "
By God man, God was not there in the temple and served only on Sundays, during the week because he was serving a park bench dressed in beggar

J. Torquato ..

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